Will we need to move out of our home while you renovate?

This really depends on the scope of the work you need to do – and whether it includes essentials such as a kitchen and bathrooms. Generally, it is easier if you and your family move out during extensive building work. While it can seem costly at first, it often saves money in the long-term because work can be done more quickly and easily when a site is vacant. This helps your building team to maintain schedules and budget.

Will I need to engage an architect, or can you help me with the design process?

We have extensive contacts within architectural circles and can help you find an architect or designer that meets your needs and understands your project. Most large building projects – whether new builds or renovations – will need detailed plans to submit to council and we recommend you engage a qualified architect or draftsperson to make sure they are done to the relevant code.

Do I need to have a budget before I speak to you?

We can help you with budget questions – letting you know what you might need to spend on your building project to get the result you want. We can build to any budget, but you will need to make sure that your expectations align with the money you wish to outlay. You might find it is better to reduce the scope or size of your project, but increase the style and quality of fixtures and fittings, in order to achieve your dream house.

How much notice will you need before starting a project?

This really depends on the size and scope of your project. We can talk to you about timings and start dates when you have all the necessary approvals and plans completed. Good builders such as Crea-8-tive Building often have bookings lined up for the next six or so months, but delays in approvals in any of these projects can create unexpected openings – so it’s good to check with Paul at your initial consultation to get an idea of timings. If your project is a small one, we might be able to fit it in between other bigger builds.

How To Get Started?

A personalised consultation with Paul is a great way to start the building process. In this no-obligation consultation, you can expect the following:


We will discuss exactly what you need in your new home.

Talk about your budget and advise what you can expect for your money.

Get an idea of your timeline expectations and availability.

Discuss any ideas you have and how they fit with your budget.

Formulate a plan to move forward.